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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Person-Centred counselling?

This is an approach where, rather than being offered advice, you are respected as being the expert in your own life. The therapeutic process is about creating an environment that allows you to look at yourself in new ways, recognising the roots of challenges and barriers that prevent you living a happy, fulfilling life.

Will you work with me?

At present I only work with adults 18 years and over. I'm trained in and able to work with most circumstances, however, if I feel your needs will be better served elsewhere, I may suggest you speak to a more appropriate person or service.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on many things. We can use the first consultation to discuss and decide on an initial plan. For some people results can happen quickly, for others it's a long-term investment. Above all this is your journey, so we'll build a plan that suits you.

Are our sessions confidential?

The service is confidential, however, there are some exceptional circumstances where this might need to be broken - if I suspect there’s immediate risk of harm, I am duty-bound to report this.

Do you keep written records/notes?

I do keep brief factual notes of our sessions, which are stored in line with statutory and regulatory advice and are stored anonymously. You can also request access to these at any time.

How does Outdoor/Walk & Talk therapy work?

This works in a similar way to counselling in the therapy room, just taking advantage of the beautiful Dorset countryside, either sitting or walking. We can discuss locations and meeting in a neutral place might help with balance in the therapy, an important element of the person-centred approach; also drawing on all the wonderful therapeutic benefits of being close to nature.

I have special requirements - Can you accommodate them?

Reasonable adjustments can be made to accommodate most circumstances. Please raise any requirements you may have in our initial discussion, or using the contact form above.

Anything else?

If there's anything else you'd like to know please don't hesitate to contact me using the details above.

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